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A fire in Georgia on 280/US Hwy 27. #mybonsaiworld #roadtrippin #fire (at Fort Benning, Georgia)

Only two more states to go! #mybonsaiworld #roadtrippin #alabamistan (at Alabama)

On the road home after a trip to Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery in Olive Branch MS. I am acting as a delivery boy for Agresta Gardens, picking out some “big” trees. Orlando or bust! #mybonsaiworld #brusselsbonsai #bonsai #trees #roadtrippin

Trying to get out of Orlando on my way to Jacksonville for a private session and then a demo at the North Florida Bonsai Club this evening. #roadtrippin #mybonsaiworld (at Downtown Orlando)

Heading home after two great days teaching and working on bonsai in balmy SW Florida. We had our inaugural Ft Myers Studygroup meeting on Thursday and Year Two of the Sarasota group today. Both groups are full of enthusiastic and questioning bonsai people and I am honored to be their teacher. I am fortunate to have so many friends and supporters in the Bonsai community and am able to make a living at it to feed my family. Thank you all! See you on the road #mybonsaiworld #roadtrippin #workingmanbonsai (at Adam’s Art and Bonsai Studio and Nursery)

Off on my first Bonsai road trip of the year. Ft. Myers today for a brand new Advanced studygroup, then Sarasota tomorrow for that group. Saturday is the Bsf board meeting in Orlando, Sunday is a rest day at home, then Monday is Jacksonville, Tuesday is the Epcot Committee meeting in the morning and then back to Sarasota for the Shofu meeting. Phew, I’m tired already! #mybonsaiworld #roadtrippin #bonsai #teachingandlearning (at I4 East Bound)