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Saw this at the Wawa store #5203 in Bradenton Fl. As my 13k+ Instagram followers, my 2k+ Facebook friends et al know, I travel a lot. As I left my last studygroup meeting, I visited this Wawa to get a cold drink for my trip to Orlando, a two hour drive. Never mind the inconvenience of having to get the cup first, pay for everything, and then go back and fill it, but I purchased a drink out of the cold case for later, a warm, cheese filled pretzel, AND a fountain drink. I asked for an additional cup for ice. I was offered an eight ounce plain plastic cup.
This is Florida, that ice will melt in my un-air-conditioned PT Cruiser in about 10 minutes. This store used to have a sign on each cold case door that offered a cup of ice with each bottled or canned beverage you bought. I asked for a styrofoam cup to keep the ice frozen. They said it was 99¢. The cost is not important (though I can get the same cup of ice for 19¢ at 7-11), it was the attitude. The manager tried to lecture me about how the company lost a million dollars a year last year on cups. I tried to explain this concept to her: once you lose a customer, for whatever reason, it takes $300-500 to get that customer back, through coupons, deals, and advertising (a very famous study was done by @mcdonalds showing this. They try to teach the managers this, by saying it’s cheaper to give a person a new Big Mac and keep them happy than it is to spend those marketing dollars). The manager, Laura, still only felt it was her duty to tell me I was wrong. Poor training Wawa.
Wawa is more than a gas station, they offer freshly made subs, salads, burritos, etc. And my family (six of us) like to get a meal from them once a week. We will get soups, mac n cheese, salads, sandwiches, drinks. We average a little over ten bucks a person. I’d say when we go in, it pays the labor cost for at least an hour. Depending on a corporate response, it’ll be easy to give Wawa a break, for gas, food, and beverages, for a little while. @racetrac has some pretty good stores nowadays. And @jerseymikes is just down the road. Give us a like, comment if you would. Thanks.
@wawa #bonsairoadwarrior (at Sarasota, Florida)