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A stunning Diospyros virginiana Bonsai by Luis Vallejo, Spain


Free Bonsai lecture by Walter Pall just posted on our YouTube page! We publish a movie there every Friday so make sure to SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Crespi Cup overview and winning trees!

The “Developing Deciduous Bonsai” course went live this weekend – now is your chance to study Deciduous Bonsai with Mauro Stemberger, Harry Harrington and Walter Pall. With 26 lectures for only $64.99, lifetime access and no recurring fees. We made three lectures available for free, more info:

Learn to develop Deciduous Bonsai from affordable pre-bonsai material, free lectures available at:

Walter Pall, Mauro Stemberger and Harry Harrington walk you through techniques specifically for Deciduous and Broadleaf evergreen Bonsai in our latest online course.

For more info see:

Very happy to announce that the latest online course, with Harry Harrington, Walter Pall and Mauro Stemberger is now available!

For three free preview lessons, see the curriculum at:

We worked mostly on affordable pre-bonsai material to make this new course as hands-on, practical as we could.

Stunning rock landscape, planted with Juniper bonsai, on display at the World Bonsai Convention in Japan